1999 Water Test Pictures
August 22, 1999 at Kelley Point Park

-Michael Marcus

Barbara Adams and Rigel  -- Cory Rhodes

Judi Adler and Darby  -- Cory Rhodes

Judge Gaby Cohen, Maddie, Andrew Nelson -- Cory Rhodes

Catherine Thost's Tsunami tows the boat  -- Cory Rhodes
(this is the new junior excercise)

Marilyn Rhodes and Triton -- Cory Rhodes

Observer judge Deborah Rothwell, Anne Seeley with Bounder, Gaby Cohen -- Cory Rhodes

Ellis judges a tadpole entry (note the buoy line in the background) -- Michael Marcus

View from the boat - Triton tows it, Marilyn Rhodes, Debbie Rothwell (observer judge) and judges Gaby Cohen and George Brown await (the boat steward is Bill Farrell) -- Michael Marcus

Open beach at the end of the test - this shows the vast distance between
the shipping lanes and the test site -- that's a full sized sailboat dwarfed between us and the cargo ship's bow -- Michael Marcus

Judi and Darby, Anne and Bounder, Andrew and Maddie, Bill and Emma, Gaby, Laura and Ursa, Debbie, George, and Marilyn and Triton -- Sharon Marcus

DeeAnn Tufford with Tadpole Berni -- Sharon Marcus

Tadpole entries Robert Smiley and Natasha, Don Nichols and Sophie, Kristin O'Shea and Flynn -- Sharon Marcus